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Meet Stephanie Basurto

Equipment Service Worker 
1.5 years with the City of Santa Rosa 

Meet Stephanie Basurto, an equipment service worker with the City of Santa Rosa’s vehicle maintenance team. You can often find Stephanie in a City garage changing oil, installing tires, replacing brake pads and rotors, and performing a variety of vehicles services on the City’s fleet of vehicles. From buses to police cars and fire trucks, Stephanie ensures that all the vehicles our front-line workers need are ready to roll. When she was younger, Stephanie always enjoyed working on cars under the watchful eye of her grandfather, whom she credits with igniting her desire to work in the field professionally. Upon graduating high school, she enrolled in trade school to earn her Automotive Technician Certificate. From there, Stephanie went on to work for an auto parts store and later became the store’s Assistant Manager. One day, a former colleague let Stephanie know about an exciting job opportunity as Stores Clerk for the City of Santa Rosa and encouraged her to apply. Eager to grow her career, Stephanie applied, earned that position, and after eight short months was promoted to her current role as equipment service worker. There are two important factors that keep Stephanie coming back to work every day: her amazing coworkers and the variety of vehicles she works on every day. Each day presents an opportunity to learn and further her automotive knowledge, but it is the comradery with the City’s garage team that she believes makes it a great place to work. Stephanie encourages more women to join her often male-dominated field and explains it’s important for women to pursue any career they desire. Her advice to others? Know your worth. Remember that we don’t exist solely to satisfy the needs or wants of other people. Whatever makes you happy in this world is enough. When Stephanie isn’t busy maintaining vehicles in the City garage, you can find her camping, going to baseball games, visiting breweries, and making cherished memories with her family.

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