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Meet Priscilla Reyes-Jones

Utilities Technician 
6 years with the City of Santa Rosa

Meet Priscilla Reyes-Jones, Utilities Technician with Santa Rosa Water and a six-year employee of the City of Santa Rosa. In her current role, Priscilla supports Water’s Reclamation team that delivers recycled water for urban, agricultural, and industrial uses. Her typical duties include communicating with recycled water users, such as local farmers, about recycled water agreements and insurance, as well as tracking usage data and more. Prior to starting her career with the City of Santa Rosa, Priscilla worked as a manager in a private dental practice. She started working in the dental field straight out of high school and after a decade she became interested in exploring other career options. After an acquaintance mentioned the benefits of working for local government, it sparked her interest, and she began looking into job openings at the City of Santa Rosa. Eventually she earned a position with the City and over the years has looked for opportunities to learn and grow within the organization. Each position she held helped her gain more experience and provided opportunities for her to take on more challenging roles and advance. As a Santa Rosa resident, she takes considerable pride in the fact that the work she does makes a difference in the community where she lives. She noted that part of what she enjoys about working for the City is that there is so much to learn and it keeps her engaged and interested in her job. She also enjoys the stability of working for the City and the ability to keep work fun. Priscilla is grateful for her family's support that helped her to purse a college degree. She is also appreciative of her caring and supportive co-workers that have provided advice and support on the hard days, especially the Reclamation Superintendent. She thinks it’s important for women, especially women of color, to pursue careers with the City to show younger generations of women and girls that there are opportunities for them. Her advice - Pursue your education. Don’t give up, get curious, ask questions, and most importantly always believe in yourself. When not at work, Priscilla enjoys crafting, cooking, reading, spending time with family, taking walks with her husband and dog Mookie, and exploring beautiful Sonoma County.

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