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Meet Kayla Neel-Grant

Single Role Paramedic for the InResponse Mental Health Support Team 
5 months with the City of Santa Rosa

Meet Kayla Neel-Grant, a single role paramedic who provides advanced life support care, when needed, for the City of Santa Rosa’s new InResponse Mental Health Support Team. Kayla knew from a very young age that she wanted to work for the Santa Rosa Fire Department. Kayla’s dad retired from SRFD and through his career, Kayla got to experience how amazing SRFD is, and she knew it was somewhere she wanted to work and spend her career. It was a work family she wanted to be a part of. Kayla has been a paramedic for almost six years now and primarily worked for Sonoma Life Support, here, in Sonoma County. When Kayla saw the opportunity to work for the inResponse Mental Health Support Team, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to get her foot in the door with the City of Santa Rosa and be a part of an innovative and progressive side of medicine. Now that Kayla is a part of the SRFD team, with inResponse, each workday is a new adventure. Kayla really enjoys the comradery of her fellow inResponse team members and management, and she truly feels like a valued part of a fantastic team. Thinking back on how she got her start, the main person who helped Kayla accomplish her goals and got her where she is today is her dad. Kayla’s father showed her the value of hard work and where it can take you in life. Kayla wants to be that mentor to others hoping to enter the field of public safety also. It’s important to Kayla, to have more women in public safety. She wants other women to know, we can do anything we put our minds to, and it does not matter how much you can weight lift or what you look like. This job is about working hard and showing up on time every day to prove to everyone that we, as women, are just as valued as the rest.

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