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Meet Jessie Taintor

Fire Engineer
10 years with the City of Santa Rosa 

Meet Jessie Taintor, Fire Engineer for the Santa Rosa Fire Department. As an engine operator, Jessie’s primary duty is to drive and take care of her station’s fire engine, pump and supply water at fires, and ensure that the team makes it to calls in a safe and timely manner. Jessie’s public safety career was not actually her first profession, her first career was as a landscape contractor. With a family history in the fire service, and immediate access to a local State Fire Academy at SRJC, Jessie returned to school to check out career opportunities available in the Fire Service. This ultimately led to her degree in Fire Technology, completion of the Firefighter Academy, and certification as an EMT. She further rounded out her experience as a Seasonal Firefighter with CalFire, a Fire Inspector with the County of Sonoma, and she volunteered with various local fire agencies. When the opportunity to apply to the Santa Rosa Fire Department arose, Jessie immediately applied. As a resident of Santa Rosa, the idea of working as a firefighter and serving the community she calls home really appealed to her. And the rest is history. Jessie attributes her success in the fire department to the help and support of her friends and family. This career puts a lot of pressure and stress on lives and relationships, and for Jessie, it was a group effort to reach her goals. For other women interested in pursuing a career in the fire service, Jessie says, “Be ready to work your butt off!”. With a good attitude, dedication, motivation, & hard work, anyone can have the opportunity to pursue a career in the fire service.

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